Self care

al natural

Hi, my name is Ximy

As a 100% natural 47 year old woman,
I want to teach you how to use SELF-CARE practices,
to discover your NATURAL health, fitness & beauty potential.

Most importantly
I want to teach you the secret, to maintaining it.

For the last 24 years I have worked
as a Holistic Health, Fitness & Beauty

My career has been focused around
inviting women to question the
Fitness, Beauty & Anti-aging
Industrial complex.



at war with your body?


  • Devalue their body & compare it to others
  • Glorify & pursue a fabricated, unnatural body ideals
  • Engage in self harm, to achieve a desired look


dying to be beautiful

what extreme procedures?

  • Stimulant drugs to “burn” fat and “suppress” appetite (amphetamines & caffeine)
  • Weight loss treatments
  • Dieting, meal replacements, diet foods, counting calories, weighing food, etc.
  • Starvation-bingeing
  • Purging (vomiting)
  • Over exercising
  • Laxatives & diuretics
  • Supplements with questionable ingredients
  • Sucking fat out of the belly and hips
  • Tongue stitching, to make eating painful & enforce liquid diets
  • Stomach stapling
  • Breast & butt Implants
  • Cosmetic injections and other invasive procedures

Do these strategies give women temporary aesthetic results?

but at what cost?
  • Malnourishment
  • Chronic stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Sweet/Starch cravings
  • Constant hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep/rest
  • Foggy mind
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty burning fat
  • Muscle & bone loss
  • Poor digestion
  • Bloating, distension, gas
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • High toxic load with burdened detox pathways
  • Imbalanced internal terrain (microbiome)
  • Fluid retention
  • Lymph stagnation
  • Reproductive issues
  • Skin issues
  • Teeth & gum challenges
  • Premature aging
  • Perfectionism
  • Body dissatisfaction
  • Self-devaluation
  • Learned helplessness
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Fear of eating
  • Fear of aging
  • Mood swings
  • Aches & pains
We've been taught to pursue beauty & fitness & the expense of
is it worth it?


is so last season


i wear me



Look good, because you feel good!



Hi I'm Mark Buckley Founder & C.E.O of the FMA Strength Institute. For the last 30 years I have educated fitness professionals in the fields of Strength & Conditioning and Orthopedic rehabilitation. I worked as a the head of musculoskeletal rehabilitation for the Lowerhutt Hospital in NZ. I was a Senior presenter for the C.H.E.K Institute. I have lectured in USA, Australia, NZ, England, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Kuweit, Dubai, Sweden and in Mexico. I consult for professional Athletes. I Co-founded a commercial gym in NZ.

Hi I'm Ximy Gonzalez, founder & C.E.O of the Bombshell Formula and Author/Producer of the SEVEN body basics program. For the last 24 years I have helped women restore their health & figure. I head the Holistic Health Department for the FMA Strength Institute and I mentor/educate Fitness & Health professionals. I have worked as a TV Fitness Bombshell and magazine health columnist. I have lectured in USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, Mexico and in Colombia, on health & wellness. I co-founded wellness center in Miami, FL


I have curated 24 years of wisdom in Holistic Health, Beauty & Fitness and synthesized it in a guided, step by step, self-discovery journey, designed to help you become an expert in your body.

how exciting is it

to know you won’t have to spend hours researching & getting confused by conflicting health, fitness & beauty information & taking years to figure it all out?

I have used my experience in journalism and mass communications to walk you through the journey in a relatable, entertaining style, so you can have a fun, powerful learning experience

  • Self- Assessment
  • Masterclassess
  • Workbooks
  • Exercise Programs
  • Group Coaching
  • Community

self assess

Heal the disconnect from your Body

Reconnect with your body as you answer the comprehensive self-assessment forms.
Understand what your body is telling you, through the language of symptoms.
Establish your starting point, in your journey.
In the middle of the program, reassess & monitor your progress.
At the end of the program, re-assess and see your transformation.


Heal your relationship with Body Image

Reframe the disempowering beliefs and ideas around body image, that have led you to devalue
your body, wage war against it and engage in practices that compromise your wellbeing.
Break the spells, take your mind back and stay centered in your power!
This is the foundation of your journey.


Heal your relationship with Exercise & Body Composition

Release the fear of building muscle & reset your metabolism by shifting your body composition.
Tone & strengthen your body as you burn fat & build muscle, strong bones and joints.
Mark's programs will also help you improve posture, feel strong & confident.
Hello strong Feminine curves!


Heal your painful relationship with Food

Revolutionize your understanding of food. Reconnect with ancestral, primal wisdom and let your
body's bio-feedback system guide you back to the foods that will help you look & feel your best!
Become an expert in you, trust your body's guidance & stop following diets & gurus.
LOVE what you eat, FEEL great after meals & LOOK your best!


Heal your relationship with Beauty & build a healthy internal eco-system

Part 1. Remove the harmful beauty care/hygiene products & practices, that are compromising your
wellbeing. Replace them with 100% natural alternatives, centered around SELF-CARE.
Part 2. Support your digestion, absorption, elimination & detoxification.
A healthy internal terrain-ecosystem is KEY to having a healthy flat belly & glowing skin.


Heal your relationship with nature & its cycles

Reap the healing benefits of nature as you learn how to sync your body with
nature's rhythms, cycles and resources, so you can offset the harmful effects of modern day living.
Create the ideal environment, in your body for LIFE FORCE to flow through you.

Ximy & Mark's Mentorship

Enjoy weekly exclusive
access to our expertise &
wisdom, in Holistic Health,
Beauty & Fitness.

Mark and I will be available
1 x week, for a group
coaching, Q&A call.
Go through the journey at your own pace

but for best results


  • Self- Assessment

    Self assess at the start, middle & at the end of the program. Document your transformation.

  • Masterclassess

    Gain access to 2 workbooks & guided actionable per week, for the first 4 months

  • Workbooks

    Gain access to 2 pre-recorded masterclasses, per week, for the first 4 months

  • Exercise Programs

    Gain access to a Structural balance program & Body composition programs, through the entire journey.

  • Group Coaching

    Ximy & Mark will be LIVE 1x week, to troubleshoot guide & answer questions.

  • Community

    Connect through our private social media, Bombshell Social.

  • timeline


    based on the suggested pace

    • Self Assess & establish your starting point
    • Structural Balance Exercise Program
    • Reframe your painful relationship with body image, food & exercise & step into your POWER
    • Body composition program 1
    • Become an expert in food, as it relates to your unique body. Learn to trust your body's bio-feedback.
    • Body Composition program 2
    • Continue Fine-tuning your food
    • Create a balanced internal eco-system by supporting digestion/gut health & detoxification
    • Remove & Replace beauty & “hygiene products” for 100% natural alternatives.
    • Sync your body & lifestyle with nature's rhythms, cycles and resources, so you can offset the harmful effects of modern day living.
    • Self Assess & see progress
    • Advanced body composition programs
    • Go through the materials again and focus on fine- tuning & mastering everything you learned.
    • Put it all together
    • Build your new Bombshell lifestyle program
    • Self Assess & witness the transformation
    at home in your own skin
    My experience comes from 24 years of coaching and consulting, for people from all walks of life:
    Entertainers and their families, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Moms, Housewives,
    C.E.O's, Athletes, Health & Fitness Professionals, from across the world.

    Marlen Montaner

    Wife of Music Legend Ricardo Montaner

    Ximy's teachings blew me away. I was inspired to learn, not only for me but for my husband and my children. The more I read and learned, the more I wanted to change. I could not believe how confused & mislead we are… Thank God, our mindset is now, completely different. Ximy a is a very important tool to empower change. She has guided us through the years I’m extremely grateful to her.

    Adriana Santander

    Wife of Music Producer Kike Santander

    2 months after giving birth, Ximy helped me rehab my core from the C-section. We worked on exercise, food and lifestyle. I learned to understand my body, a lot better and identify what foods nourish me and which ones don't. After some time my core started to feel strong, eventually it looked and felt better than it did, before pregnancy. Thank you Ximy for being there, when I've needed you.

    Ana Villacorta

    Mom, Vice President Marketing Sony Music

    Chronic pain & fatigue were interfering with my ability to keep up with work. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I took countless medications, with unsatisfactory results. Through ancestral food and natural lifestyle protocols, I recovered from fibromyalgia, pain & fatigue. Additionally I lost 9 pounds that I was unable to lose. Thank you Ximy for guiding me, to listen to my body & to my soul. Thank you to Ricardo Montaner, for connecting me with Ximy.

    Marlene Andersson

    Athlete, mom, Founder of “Mighty moms”

    Working with Ximy has elevated not just my understanding of food and how to use it with my clients- she has also given me so much insight into the deeper wounds and beliefs that my clients may have, that prevents them from getting results. She connects the dots not only with what to do practically, but also what might be happening emotionally. What she’s taught me so far is invaluable!

    Marie Odone

    Mom and Economist

    After struggling for many years with a painful relationship with food, low self esteem and depression, I have re-learned to love, respect myself & re-gain my power. With the knowledge obtained, through Ximy's teachings, the support of Dany & the supervision of my Doctor, I came off antidepressants, thyroid medication. My hormonal IUD and breast implants were removed, as they were also deteriorating my health.

    Laura Riascos

    Mom C.E.O and Entrepreneur

    Ximy and I worked together on a very comprehensive food, lifestyle and detox protocol. After a few months, I was completely acne free. This has definitely been the best investment, in terms of health & beauty.

    Nikki Teller

    Holistic Health Coach

    I worked with Ximy through 2020 -as a coach- looking to help my clients further. However I ended up totally revolutionizing my own relationship with food. She invited me back into myself, I rediscovered eating meat again and healed parts of myself I didn’t even realized needed healing. It’s a completely different way of coaching.

    Niki Adamlova

    Mom, C.E.O my Healthy Food Club

    I healed from stage 2 cancer in my reproductive organs, through a completely natural approach. Ximy is the angel that saved my life! After the tests showed full remission, six Doctors told me my reproductive system wouldn't fully recover and I would never get pregnant. I got pregnant naturally and birthed naturally. This is my son Erik.

    Joe Dibernardo

    Former NFL San Diego Chargers Linebacker

    Ximy's teachings changed my life. Through food & lifestyle. Her approach helped me recover from inflammation on my skin, joints and gut, that was caused by the use of NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Initially I through her “politically incorrect” approach to food was crazy. That was until I experienced life changing results.

    Lucianne Midiri

    Holistic Health & Fitness Coach

    Ximy's teachings have been an absolute game-changer for me, both personally and professionally. Her holistic approach to health has not only transformed my lifestyle but also deepened my understanding of self-care and inner balance. Professionally, Ximy's insights have elevated my coaching practice to new heights. The strategies she imparts have enabled me to facilitate profound transformations in those I serve, leading to lasting positive change in their lives. She an inspiration in guiding others towards their highest potential.

    Daniela Garcia

    Mom, Holistic health and Alchemy Coach

    I had nausea, migraines, insomnia, constipation, depression, gastritis and fatigue, to the point where I couldn't play with my 3 year old and 6 month old daughters. From the day I met Ximy, my life changed. I obtained results almost immediately. A week later all of those symptoms were gone. I applied these principles with my daughters and their health also changed radically.

    Aaron Richardson

    Strength & Conditioning Coach

    'Ximy would have to be one of the most intelligent and caring holistic health practitioners I have come across in 15 years. Her broad knowledge is something to aspire to, while her simple yet extremely effective methodologies cover all basis of holistic health. Ximy understands health, lifestyle, and environmental issues at a level I haven't seen or heard before. Couldn't recommend her highly enough.

    Mary Gamarra

    Mom, TV Anchor

    Ximy's mentorship not only helped me get in shape, it completely changed my life. Through her teachings, I changed my lifestyle habits, I learned about organic food and I discovered how to eat, based on my metabolic needs. As a result I feel more energized, calm, healthier and happier. I'm so grateful to her.

    Alejandra Chow

    Mom, Executive

    Through Ximy's wisdom & coaching I learned to feed myself according to my metabolic needs. Being willing to make radical changes, allowed me to heal many areas of my life and discover the woman I was born to be! When you work with Ximy, you’ll be able to get to the root of many of your health challenges, so you can learn how to live, eat healthfully and enjoy FREEDOM!”

    Natassia Akil

    Mom & Founder of Happy and Glow

    Through Ximy's mentorship, I learned to eat in accordance to my metabolic needs. Once you put your body through the test and realize that after a meal you feel full, satisfied, energy feels renewed, improved wellbeing, improved mental clarity & you do NOT have sugar cravings, you know that what you’re doing is right for you.

    Mary Mak

    Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer

    Ximy's program was one of the best investments I've done, from learning how to connect with my body, taking my power back to then teaching my clients to do the same thing, creating a safe space to help them with their journey, Ximy is a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom! ”

    Gina Imbrondone

    Mom, Architect- Interior Designer

    After 7 years of living in agonizing pain, -to the point where I could barely move-, I started to feel better 3 days after changing my food. After Ximy's workshop I threw out everything in my kitchen and transitioned to real ancestral foods. I lost 33 pounds in 4 months, I recovered from Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, constipation, debilitating menstrual cramps, hair loss and panic attacks.

    Libya Hoyos

    Mom& House wife

    When I was diagnosed with diabetes. a friend referred me to Ximy. Through our work together, my transformation was complete. I am immensely satisfied with the results. All my aches & pains are gone, the diabetes is under control, I lost weight and I learned to love myself, thanks to my new lifestyle, physical exercise and food habits. Blessings to you Ximy, for helping me achieve so many changes. You are an amazing professional and you practice with true love and devotion.

    Cam Faul

    Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Ximy has an innate ability to see through data and technicalities and get straight to the heart of what a client might be struggling with. Ximy adds a layer of deep understanding of not only the mechanisms of digestion but more importantly, the relationship between food and psychosomatic impacts on the body. I continue to learn a great deal from Ximy. She provides great wisdom on the frequently overlooked factors.

    Sofia Manavello

    Mom & Artist

    Although my medical tests were “normal”, I was dragging myself through life. I was exhausted and my entire body was aching, my hands were always swollen. I was first told it was all in my head and eventually I was diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia & plantar fasciitis. A friend referred me to Ximy, in less than a week my symptoms had improved by 80%, just with the changes in food. Today I feel like I have recovered my health. I thank God, for having put Ximy on my path.

    Leigh Stamation

    Motor Sport Fitness Consultant Porsche Jr. Program

    Having completed Ximy’s 7 body basics program I have gotten insight into what it really means to be healthy. It’s made me a more well rounded coach who can step up and help clients when they need to work in, rather than work out. It’s added a whole new dimension to how I can help my athletes, and tbh my bank balance. With Ximy's teachings I am more confident and able to navigate the health roadblocks that get in the way of performance. How good!

    Hollie Darke

    Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer

    Ximy's mentorship, opened me up to a world of holistic health I never even knew existed. In doing so, she led me to becoming a healthier, more embodied, more empowered version of myself. I feel blessed to now be able to pass these experiences onto the women I coach, to help impact their lives in the way Ximy did mine. “

    Gus Ricard

    Rehabititation Specialist

    Ximy is a master of holistic thinking and of the factors that underly and support clients results. Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran, Ximy will take your understanding of diet, lifestyle and mindset to another level.

    Matt Giles

    Strength & Conditioning Coach

    While Mark may have taught me the world of S & C, Ximy introduced me the crucial importance of having a holistic view of health. It’s through her guidance that I was not only have to establish better health practises for myself, but was also better able to help my clients on their own health journey. Her information is something I still refer back to today when supporting clients.

    Mark has educated and mentored Elite Fitness & Rehab professionals, through his 30 year career
    This is what some of the the top names in the Fitness Industry
    are saying about Mark & the FMA Strength Institute.

    Brett Contreras

    Phd In Sports Science, Author. International Lecturer, The Glute guy

    Mark is a great teacher and a great presenter. I totally endorse FMA and happy to give it a shout.

    Hattie Boydle

    WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion & Performance Coach

    I love FMA it is one of the few courses I recommend to other trainers looking to up skill. These courses really deliver on their promise. I challenge you to find a more complete certification.

    Ish Cheyne

    Head of Les Mills New Zealand

    I'm happy to endorse Mark Buckley and FMA. We have used him at Les Mills to upskill our personal trainers on a National level.

    Rachel Guy

    Physiotherapist, Strength Coach, Fitness Model & Fitness Celebrity

    FMA took personal training to the next level! I would not hessitate working alongside an FMA Certified Trainer.

    Sebastian Oreb

    Australian Powerlifter Strength Coach

    This course is the REAL THING. Every Personal trainer and Crossfit Trainer serious about getting people strong, needs to do FMA

    Julia Lasewski

    Powerlifter, Lecturer, T-Nation Author

    With the big lifts comes great responsibility. FMA teaches trainers how to step up and meet this responsibility.

    Michael Cunico

    National Personal Trainer Manager for Fitness First Australia

    The FMA courses are very hands on and practical. I highly recommend them to all personal trainers looking to up skill.

    Michelle Drielsma

    Exercise Physiologist ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach

    FMA is the course I recommend for any PT wanting to level up and be taken seriously in the industry.

    Don't panic

    Mark's exercise programs won't turn you into a “Body Builder” or a “Powerlifter”
    They have been designed to help you burn fat & build muscle,
    so you can tone your body and tap into your natural, magical potential.

    While we are on the topic of potential...
    This is what building fitness & beauty
    on a solid foundation of health, has done for me.

    the question is

    What can it do for you?

    What is your unique, untapped
    Natural Health, Beauty & Fitness potential?

    are you curious?


    How much time, energy and
    resources have you invested in
    the world OUTSIDE of you

    Searching for GURUS & “quick
    fixes”: pills, potions, diets,
    surgeries & other invasive
    How well is that working for
    your physical, mental, emotional
    & spiritual health?


    How much time energy and
    resources have you invested in
    learning about yourself?

    If you want to take your BODY,
    your MIND and your POWER back
    you need to shift your focus
    INWARD, so you can understand
    you and your body!

    become an expert in you

    Self discover, become an expert in you and trust your body's wisdom.
    Make peace with your body and feel safe & at home , in your own skin.

    ideal for you

    • If you've experienced the painful consequences of “waging war” against your body and want to make peace with yourself and your body.
    • If you are willing to question and unlearn what you've been taught about health, fitness, and beauty.
    • If you want to build fitness and beauty on a solid foundation of health, self-care, and self-respect.
    • If you want to heal your painful relationship with food, exercise, and body image.
    • If you want to self-discover, understand yourself, and become an expert in your body.
    • If you want to trust your inner guidance, lead yourself, and stop following others.
    • If you want to respect yourself and your body.
    • If you are curious about your body's unique natural potential.
    • If you want to restore your health and you are willing to invest time, energy, and resources in your development.
    • If you understand that this is NOT a quick fix and that it takes work and commitment.

    not for you

    • If you want to continue waging war against your body by pursuing beauty and fitness at the expense of your health and well-being.
    • If you want to continue comparing yourself with other women, coveting their look, and devaluing yourself and your body.
    • If you want to deceive yourself through “quick fix” marketing and “magic bullets.”
    • If you are looking for immediate gratification.
    • If you want to “fabricate” a look through unnatural means.
    • If you don’t want to learn about yourself and your body.
    • If you are not willing to question the mainstream narratives that are keeping you disconnected from your health and your inner power.
    • If you are not willing to get rid of the scale and all the painful ideas that come with it.
    • If you are not willing to invest time, energy, and resources in yourself.
    I get it!
    There are countless things competing for your time & energy: Family, work, home & friends.

    While these things give you a powerful return on investment...

    There are other daily activities that drain you of your time & energy:

    -Scrolling on Social Media
    -Watching TV
    -Googling “hacks” & “quick fixes”

    how much would
    your body & your life change

    if you freed up time from these activities & invested it in
    self-discovering and engaging in “self-care” habits,
    that will transform the way you look and feel?

    How is this different to all the other programs out there?
    • You will learn how to build Timeless fitness & beauty on a foundation of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intuitive health, not at the expense of it.
    • It's a self-discovery journey designed to help you become an expert in you & in your body, so you can take your body, your mind and your power back!
    • All the practices taught are 100% natural, centered around self-care and most importantly they are taught in a way that will teach you how to trust yourself, your body and your own inner guidance.
    • The journey is guided by two Teachers/Mentors to Holistic Health & Fitness Professionals. We want to empower you to become your own coach, so you can experience timeless results.
    • The journey is not only about “getting there”, it's also about learning how to “stay there” and most importantly it's about who you will become, through this transformational process.
    I've tried everything: dieting, exercising, supplements and other procedures, but nothing seems to work for me
    • Have you explored the trauma and power dynamics of compliance-defiance, that may be driving your relationship with food, exercise and body image?
    • Have you learned to calm your nervous system, balance your blood sugar levels, create a harmonious eco-system within and sync your body with the cycles and rhythms of nature?
    • Have you worked on building muscle to support your metabolism?
    • Have you learned to eat in a way that makes you feel:
      • energized
      • satisfied
      • free of cravings
      • emotionally stable
      • mentally focused
      from the moment you eat and for the next 4-6 hours, while also enjoying what you eat?
    • Have you tried self-discovering and connecting with the approach that works for your unique body?
    • Have you tried all these interventions, together, as part of an integrated approach and followed it for months/years?
    My daughter has a painful relationship with food and body image, can she go through the program, with me?
    • My suggestion is that you start the journey and after month 6, when you have gone through half of your journey, notify me and invite her to join.
    Can I do the program with my significant other?
    • Absolutely, we encourage couples to go through the journey, together.
    What if I want to have a private consultation with Ximy or Mark or if I want them to guide me “one on one”, through the journey?
    • You can book a private consultation with Mark or with myself, at our hourly rate of US$375 per hour.
    • Special private coaching packages are available.
    • While the program covers group support, private consultations are NOT included.
    Can I get a refund?
    • No refunds are made. Please make sure you are ready, before signing up.

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